KeyBlaze is a typing tutor that can be obtained for free to learn how to type the proper way with speed and accuracy. It suits to every typing need. For beginner, the KeyBlaze provides with the basic lessons. For intermediate level, there are also lessons, drills, and game for it as well as for the advance learner. It also provides typing test for each level to determine the development of each learner. Typing test usually ends in 1 to 20 minutes depending on which level you are with.

Typing lessons include the familiarization with home keys, neighbour keys, small letters, capital letters and more. This familiarization is done through practice exercises. Exercises are done through typing words and paragraph. Some prose, poems, and even song lyrics are used for practice exercises. Doing the exercises diligently will greatly improve the typing speed and accuracy.

If you don't know what level you are, you can take the initial test then KeyBlaze will determine what level you should take first and provides the lessons and practices drills suited for you. If you are bored with the practice drills, you can always select any game and play. The difficulty of the game will match on what lesson you are with.

To Whom This Software For

  • Designed to all skill levels from beginners to advance.

  • Master the skill of typing with speed and accuracy.

  • In less time you can type effectively and efficiently.

  • Add typing skill to your credential.

System Requirements

  • It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

Touch Typing Tutor Features

  • Lessons include capitalization, home keys, neighbor keys, numbers, punctuation, and more.

  • Typing exercises include typing drills, poems, prose and more.

  • Several typing games.

  • For transcription practice, dictation audio exercises are included.

  • To determine current level, initial skills test is included.

  • Current skills are tested at various interval durations.

  • WPMs are calculated for both gross and net words.

  • For correct finger placement, keyboard highlighting is included.

  • Hard characters and troublesome words are emphasize and given more time to be practiced with.

  • Can import custom drills, speed tests, and lessons.

  • Set WPM goals.

  • Printable certificates for course completion.

  • Simple and easy operation.


KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is available online but you can download it here.

By Kennet Paul from Vancouver Canada

A while ago I tried KeyBlaze Typing Tutor program. The program works very well that it got me started but I lost my interest to continue because of my hectic schedule on my job. I learned the home keys as well as the neighbor keys. I learned to type the correct way but I cannot type without seeing the keyboard occasionally instead of concentrating on the display. This is my regret at the present and I am yearning to start again in learning the proper way of typing.

I tried again the program having run several sets of lessons and playing some typing games. I'm having fun while practicing typing. This is a kind of practice that I really like. I did not get bored and it seems that I will be stuck on this program for the time being.

The lessons are very interesting and easy to grasp. I really wonder why I didn't continue my practicing the first time I tried this program. There is a record of my practice results which can be viewed anytime I want so I can know my progress from time to time. If you don't know how to operate this program, there is an instruction on the help menu. So everything is set there for you so that you success is being assured.

By Emma Swan from LA. California

I never get bored taking this typing tutor. It has a very interesting lesson sets that you feel you are travelling from one place to another as you passed every typing test on each lesson. You really get the feeling of having accomplished something meaningful in your life. The games will never let you leave from your practice because it is very addictive. I started practicing this program with a very low WPM but now I am on the top of my craft. Come to think of it, my typing job now has become so easier that my boss was pleased with the results I have.

By Edith Smith from Auckland California

I bought this software last week and installed it on my Windows 7 computer. To say the least, I was not disappointed this software till now and saying that you learn very much from this program is an understatement. This program has really help me elevated my typing skill to the top level.

By Allan Stewart, Boston Massachusetts

This typing tutor is the best at least for me because I tried it. You will never lose your interest because the abundance of activities will always keep you entertained. With all the drills, interesting lessons, and most of all the variety of games, your practice will be easy and fun. I installed it on my Windows 7 system and I never encountered any problem.

By Stefanie Ruiz from Denver Colorado

I studied computer science and my typing speed is very slow. It is hard for me to write programming codes when my typing skill is not up to the task. So I decided to improve my typing speed and bought KeyBlaze typing tutor. Just few days after I started and I already felt the difference, I could say my typing skill has been improved a lot.

There are also sets of typing games which keep your practicing interest intact. You will never get bored until you will become a master typist. But before that, this program will help you improve by keep tracking of your progress and goes to the lesson where you feel it is difficult for you. Every practice results, every test results will be saved so that you will know the progress you have and you can determine if you are ready to the next level. Anyway the program itself will let you go to the next level base on the result of your test.

This typing tutor really works great. You will never be disappointed with the money you spent because you will get the result more that what you expected for. I have already tried it and it works like a charm to me.

Monday, December 5, 2016

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Download

With KeyBlaze typing tutor, your typing skill improvement is assured. This program is very simple and easy to use but it is not boring. I have been using it in my darker days when I got fired from my job. I cannot cope up with the task assigned to me because my typing skill is not accurate and my speed level is very low. I realized that day that inorder to survive on any job, I need to improve my typing skill with speed and accuracy. So I research any typing program from internet and bought this KeyBlaze Typing Tutor.